Vermont Pork and Homeland Security

Dave Friedman and A Constrained Vision point out that Vermont’s King of Pork, Patrick Leahy, wants to turn the Homeland Security budget into just one more porkfest. That Homeland Security is too important for this seems like a no-brainer.

My question is why a Republican Congress and Republican President should consider sending any pork to Vermont to help reelect a Democrat, a turncoat “Independent” and a Socialist “Independent”? Next time Leahy comes calling for pork of any sort, I think Dick Cheney knows the words to use.

MSSU lowers tuition, offers more scholarships

The Joplin Globe reports that Missouri Southern State Universities Board of Governors has voted to reduce tuition by $2/credit hour and offer scholarships for students who receive A+ certification in high school. They also voted to return to admission standards based on a composite of percentile rank on the ACT test and class rank.

The A-Plus program requires students to sign a contract in high school involving spending 50 hours tutoring younger students, maintaining a 2.5 grade average and “following a career path”. Meeting these requirements will get the student a $1,000 scholarship for their first year, renewable for up to four years if a 2.5 GPA is maintained.

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Cafe Hayek: About the Margin

Cafe Hayek: About the Margin

No concept in economics is so important yet so widely ignored and misunderstood as that of “the margin.” It’s vital.

An excellent explanation of “the margin” that also reveals a lot about the economic perspective on behavior generally. Generally speaking nothing is 100%, “all or nothing”, most actions affect things at the margin.

Blog Marketing

In the first such pre-release marketing campaign I’ve seen, a federal judge and an economist are showing bloggers how to run a ‘teaser’ campaign.

Marginal Revolution

And there is a rumor that Richard Posner and Gary Becker will be starting a “Posner-Becker blog” sometime soon. Here is an apparently confirming email from Posner, but I cannot vouch for the transmission chain of this information.

Also reported at:
Newmark’s Door, A Constrained Vision, Dave Friedman’s Blog, and Volokh Conspiracy. I’m sure there are others, too.

And finally someone has a link to the very thing.

Becker was the 1992 Nobel laureate in Economics. Posner was the chief judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit from 1993 to 2000.