How could 8 million people be so brave?

From Lebanon’s Daily Star — People power: Iraqi voters make their mark Iraq’s Shiite majority and long-suffering Kurds flocked to polling stations Sunday and even in the Sunni heartland some ventured out despite the deadly unrest overshadowing the election. While in some areas turnout was scant, in most places, including violent Sunni Arab regions, it […]

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Cat Stevens to record “Indian Ocean� for tsunami victims

Cat Stevens, now Yusuf Islam to record “Indian Ocean� for tsunami victims The British singer Yusuf Islam – who flew into the tsunami-hit Indonesian province of Aceh on Saturday will briefly step back into the spotlight recording a charity single “Indian Ocean� and heading a benefit concert in Jakarta on Monday.

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Schrodinger's Blog

LegalXXX asks: Ok, if: (1) Politics is like showbusiness for ugly people; and (2) Showbusiness is like politics for stupid people; What is blogging? It’s Quantum politics. Which, of course, has almost nothing to do with Chris’s post, except that after reading his post the thought popped into my head. My brief layman’s understanding includes […]

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