Rumors of the Dollar's Death Greatly Exaggerated

The doom-and-gloom crowd has regularly ignored the substantial interest rate spreads that make dollar denominated assets more attractive than yen and euro assets. (4% versus 2% and 0% respectively for main central bank interest rates.) The near constant refrain is that “runaway” US borrowing, whether by consumers or the government, has the dollar on the […]

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The Suspects Asked to Investigate Themselves

The CIA is asking the Justice Department for a criminal probe into the leak of real, sensitive national intelligence information regarding actual covert CIA operations. The kind of information that could easily have cost CIA agents in the field their lives. Those prisons were secret for a reason and I doubt it was torture. There’s […]

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Conflict of interest, maybe, but he ruled AGAINST his own interest

The Washington Post’s tempest in a teapot for Tuesday is over the fact that Judge Alito participated in a case in which the Vanguard mutual fund group was involved. Alito at the time owned somewhere between $390,000 and $975,000 in shares in various Vanguard funds. The other litigant was one of his fellow shareholders whose […]

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