Month: August 2006

I didn't know he had that kind of money

The headline from the Grand Forks Herald: Bush to provide nearly $800 million for drought-stricken

Bob Smither on the Fair Tax

Bob Smither has an excellent analysis of the benefits of the Fair Tax, which he

Apparently Michael Savage is right

Apparently Michael Savage is right, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. A woman on a trans-Atlantic

More Reasons We Don't Need a Federally Funded Google-wannabe

I commented last week that I didn’t find it particularly “conservative” to back the Obama-Coburn

And now, as predicted, Hezbollah claims victory

I commented three weeks ago that Israel had made the right decision by resisting calls

The Shot Heard Round the Capitol

Pork barrel Republicans got a bit of a wake up call yesterday with the defeat