Month: October 2006

Democrat Scientists Shocked by Revelation

Democrat scientists were shocked and dismayed by the finding that elephants are self-aware. Researchers at

Boehner to GOP Voters: There's No Point Voting

House Majority Leader “Shoeless” John Boehner’s message to GOP voters on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday:

Missouri Amendment 2 – The Stem Cell Initiative

I’m leaning heavily against The Stem Cell Initiative, though I do believe stem cell research

Jihadi Fellow Travelers Admit Parallel to Vietnam

So, apparently jihadi apologists at the New York Times are comparing the current upswing in

So fish is good for you…again…

So, apparently it’s ok to eat fish again. Thank goodness. Mahi mahi in Lemon Pepper

Memorial Middle School in Joplin, Missouri

I have a few thoughts to share after the shooting at Memorial Middle School in