Month: September 2007

On Diplomacy, Giuliani Gets It

From the field of GOP Presidential hopefuls, at least one of them understands the most

Who will pay for Hillary's healthcare pipe dreams?

James Pethokoukis demolishes the idea that Hillary’s soak the rich tax plan can pay for

MiniRants: O.J., Blackwater USA, Sally Field

A few minirants on current events. On the latest O.J. Simpson shenanigans: What happened to

Dog Bites Man and, In Other News, Rosie O'Donnell Is Gay

The reporter for the Associated Press who came up with this bit of “news” for

Underemployment, Moving, General Housekeeping

Please bear with me for a general housekeeping and personal update post. Today (Friday the

Pot Calls Kettle Black

Mitt Romney’s consultants think Fred Thompson is a “phoney” conservative. How ironic. The Web site,