Month: October 2007

Mounties Make Rampart Cops Look Professional

The Mounties took 10 hours to realize that Robert Dziekanski was in the Vancouver International

Obama's Embrace

The darling of the New New Left, Barak Obama, stepped in a pile while trying

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday today to John Palmer, the mind behind EclectEcon. If you have not read

Capitalism – Sustainable Agriculture's Best Friend

As I noted with the Greywater Guerillas, the Hawaiian mass transit situation and the ongoing

One more reason socialized medicine is a horrible idea

A long predicted increase in antibiotic resistant superbugs is here. According to the latest research:

MiniRants: Mukasey, Palestine, Gridlock

< ul> Mukasey. Democrats are insisting that Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey be “independent” of