Rantlets: Stupid prosecutor, one smart judge, guns, and terrorists

  • A grand jury decided not to indict Joe Horn for shooting and killing two men burglarizing his neighbor’s home with his shotgun. Before confronting the men with his shotgun Horn had called 911, the police had not arrived and the men were leaving with a bag full of valuables. Harris County Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepraam commented “In most situations, calling 911 is the best remedy, not calling out for your 9-millimeter.” I guess it’s a good thing Horn decided to use his shotgun then, Warren.
  • It’s becoming more common for judges to bar the use of words like “victim,” “rape,” ‘murder,” and “crime” from criminal trials. While it makes sense to require the professionals – the lawyers, police officers, experts – to use nonprejudicial words, they’re taking it a step further. Victims of rape are being expected to refer to the act of rape as “sexual intercourse.” In the recent controversial case one smart U.S. District Court Judge, Richard Kopf, wrote:

    there is something profoundly disturbing about a judge telling a citizen that she cannot say she was raped when testifying as a victim in a criminal case, particularly when the victim is presumably trying to do nothing more than describe what happened to her. This brings to mind the blue burkas of a distant place.

    True that.

  • Good news for liberals who typically support the right to die and are aghast at the Supreme Court’s recent decision upholding gun rights. The Court really is on your side. The CDC reported that 55% of gun deaths in 2005 were suicides. The Heller decision probably did more for the right to die in one fell swoop than 100 Jack Kevorkians.
  • USS Cole after it was bombed

  • Much has been made of the fact that Osama bin Laden hasn’t been caught. Less has been said about the fact that the Bush administration has caught the planner of the abortive Bojinka plot from 1995 who evaded the Clinton administration for 5 years and went on to orchestrate the 9/11 attacks. Now, the Bush administration has filed charges against another Clinton era terrorist that was caught during the Bush administration – a planner of the USS Cole bombing, Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri. Nashiri has been in custody since 2002, enjoyed the hospitality of Camp Delta and the recreational watersports of the CIA. Next, let’s give him a fair trial and then hang him.
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Like Saul on the road to Damascus, there’s a bright light in my eyes…

The stage lights at Plaster Student Center at Missouri State University where four rows away the next President of the United States will speak in a few minutes.

Any nagging doubts about a McCain Presidency were resolved in the last two days by his conversion to the Gospel of cheap oil and the last five minutes by seats that aren’t in the nosebleed section.

Photos, video, bloviating to follow.

NIMBY elitists not really environmentalists

So, apparently President Bush and Senator McCain are both listening to reason on offshore drilling. The political deal with the devil that Bush made to push drilling in Alaska, where it’s politically popular, and not off the shores of the lower 48, where local politicians opposed drilling in their backyard, may turn out to be the biggest mistake of his Presidency. Unfortunately at the time, environmental extremists owned the ANWR issue because they made it about greedy oil companies and greedy Alaskans trying to hurt the lichens. You can’t be a much more defenseless underdog than a lichen. With oil prices at $1 a gallon, it was hard to sell the American people that drilling mattered much and, with little to focus public concern, it was easy for the elites to push the idea that preventing US drilling in the Arctic was the best way to protect the Arctic environment.

With offshore drilling, especially now with gas prices over $4/gallon nationally, it’s the snobbish, elitist, Not-in-my-backyard Floridians and Californians against the rest of the country. Those who stand in the way of offshore drilling in the name are hurting the economy, hurting our national security, hurting the poor, hurting the working class and, oh by the way, hurting the environment all in the name of not spoiling their view with an oil platform.

As I noted before, there’s no evidence I’m aware of that shows an oil spill is more likely from a tanker carrying oil from a nearby offshore drilling platform compared to one delivering oil from Saudi Arabia. The Gulf platforms all rode out the worst that Katrina, Rita and every other hurricane of the last 5 years has thrown at them with no spills. A 3 million barrel supertanker crossing the ocean has a lot more opportunity to produce a spill and, if it happens, a much bigger one.

A fixed platform base under construction on a Louisiana river

But there’s more to it than just the potential for a mid-ocean oil spill by a 3 million barrel supertanker coming from the Mideast. For all the noise environmentalists make, the US has one of the strictest environmental protection regimes in the world. Not drilling here means buying oil from countries with far worse environmental records.

We can let oil companies drill here, where they’ll be expected to keep it clean and be proactive to prevent problems, or we can import more oil from Nigeria, which “has one of the worst environmental records in the world. In recent years, the country has seen the execution of a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, widespread social and environmental problems stemming from oil operations in the Niger River delta, and the world’s highest deforestation rate.”

Drill Here Drill Now Pay Less

We can have a few more oil rigs breaking the clean blue line of the Hollywood horizon or we can help finance the Russian exploration of the Arctic, leaving the Arctic Ocean to the devices of the country that “succeeded in wiping from the map almost an entire sea – the Aral, now largely a toxic desert – and turning the world’s deepest freshwater lake, Baikal, into a borscht of cadmium and mercury deposits.” How do you think those Alaskan lichens will fare if the Russians repeat their recent history?

And, by the way, aren’t our neighbors to the North a socialist paradise that can do no wrong? Yet, they also seem to be expanding oil production as fast as humanly possible – and selling it to us. If oil production is so bad for the environment, why are the sainted Canadians doing it and why isn’t Barack Obama demanding they stop?

Not drilling offshore is bad for the economy. It’s bad for every class – the working class, the poor and, though they may not feel the pain as much, the rich. It’s bad for our national security, leaving us dependent on brutal dictators, theocrats and genocidal maniacs. Higher oil prices mean more money in the coffers of al Qaeda and in that battle, if you’re against offshore drilling, you’re against US.

But a less recognized fact is that NOT drilling offshore is bad for the environment. “Environmentalists” who prefer Americans to use oil produced in areas with less protection for the environment are showing that their concern really is all about the view.

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Rantlets: Ignorant liberal celebs, the Big Ticket




  • Usher was just on Jimmy Kimmel Live! He’s apparently written a song about voting because of all the people who’ve sacrificed so much for the right to vote. People like, according to Usher, Rosa Parks. Funny, I didn’t realize it was the bus to a polling place.

    (Before you comment: It’s the incredible ignorance of her role in history that is disrespectful of Ms. Parks. My disrespect is reserved for Usher and other ignorant, holier than thou liberal celebrities.)

  • Everyone’s busy talking about the Obama/Clinton Dream Ticket. Forget it. The Big Ticket does include Hillary Clinton, but it’s going to take a third party/independent movement. The Big Ticket is Clinton/Paul. They won’t have to worry about ballot access either – elections and rules don’t matter – they’re ENTITLED!
  • There’s supposedly a video out there of Michelle Obama that is much worse than any of her previous scandalous remarks. It’s so bad that people who don’t mind her slamming America are going to rush right out and cast an absentee ballot for John McCain. Apparently in the video she’s talking about Barack’s grandmother and refers to her as “whitey”.
  • </sarcasm>