One more reason children shouldn't be trusted to bureaucrats

Something as important as education should not be entrusted to bureacrats. Education bureacrats miss no opportunity to prove their stupidity.

Benton Harbor Superintendent Paula Dawning cited [Louie, Louie by the Kingsmen’s] allegedly raunchy lyrics in ordering the McCord Middle School band not to perform it in Saturday’s Grand Floral Parade, held as part of the Blossomtime Festival.

Louie Louie: The Very Best of The Kingsmen

Louie Louie, oh baby, me gotta go.
Louie Louie, oh baby, me gotta go.

A fine little girl, she waits for me.
Me catch the ship across the sea.
I sailed the ship all alone.
I never think I’ll make it home.

Louie Louie, me gotta go.

Three nights and days we sailed the sea.
Me think of girl constantly.
On the ship, I dream she there.
I smell the rose in her hair.

Louie Louie, me gotta go.

Me see Jamaican moon above.
It won’t be long me see me love.
Me take her in my arms and then
I tell her I never leave again.

Louie Louie, oh baby, I said we gotta go

Sloopy, you better watch out, you’re next!

Hat tip to none other than “social conservative” Rush Limbaugh who found this ridiculous enough to devote almost an hour of airtime to ridiculing the decision.

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