Abortion Crucial to New York Economy According to Schumer

Note: I can’t confirm these quotes and the source has changed the byline to  “By Political Satirist Chris Davis” since I posted this.  Apparently, we have to add a new  “news” site to the list with the Onion and Scrappleface.  At least part of the quote by Hillary Clinton sounds very close to a soundbite I heard in passing yesterday, so the quotes  may be more or less accurate, but I can’t confirm them.

Something is seriously wrong with New York and its Senators.

“Abortion is crucial to the New York economy,” commented Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY.

There are reasonable arguments that abortion should be legal, whether we agree with them or not. But to argue for the shedding of what many, if not most, consider innocent blood on the basis of economic convenience reveals an utter soullessness that should disgust even the vast majority of abortion “supporters” who reluctantly support legal abortion as the lesser of two evils.

“We have to at least try to get along with the rest of the world,” stated Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY.

Hillary Clinton thinks that confirming Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, and potentially ending abortion on demand, risks losing the world’s respect. In fact, abortion on demand is the exception in the world, so its hard to see how we lose respect by becoming more in tune with the rest of the world, where human life is treasured. Regardless, if you’ll forgive me for paraphrasing Jesus Christ: For what is a nation profited, if it shall gain the whole world, and lose its own soul? or what shall a nation give in exchange for its soul?

National Ledger – Senator Kennedy Plans Filibuster Bloodbath on Alito

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