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Comment Policy

Why would you want to comment here?

If you have a blog or website, commenting here may help you. I do have comment links set to “nofollow”, so spammers won’t gain anything from commenting. Legitimate commenters may. Here’s how.

  • I always visit commenter’s blogs. If I like what I see, you’ll go in my RSS reader and eventually may see a link to a post. Since my blog is almost all original comment with few links, a “dofollow” link in a post is a pretty valuable commodity.
  • I occasionally promote visitor comments to a full post. Again, this means a pretty valuable link to your own site plus your site specifically drawn to the attention of about 6000 unique visitors/month.
  • You might eventually get into my blog roll. This is a pretty small list. These are the only permanent “dofollow” links on my front page, so again pretty valuable.
  • You get to speak your piece. You may change a mind. You may even change mine.

Here are the basics of my comment policy, which is subject to change at any time. As with everything else on this site, if you are dissatisfied, you can get double your money back.

  1. Everything here applies to trackbacks and pingbacks as well, where relevant.
  2. I don’t “follow’. I use the default WordPress setting of all comment links being set to “nofollow.”
  3. I may not reply to your comment. I will read it. Some comments stand on their own. My lack of reply could mean that I think your comment is correct, it could mean that I don’t think I can change your mind and won’t hit my head against a brick wall trying. Since they all come to my email, when I’m busy or away from the computer and using my smartphone, I simply read them there and replying from email isn’t always possible.
  4. No spam – If it’s borderline, questionable or might be spam and it gets past the spam filters, I reserve the right to flag it as spam, which will result in the relevant URLs and IP addresses being reported to several spam blacklists..
  5. Do not pingback this site with content you’ve scraped. Because of the Creative Commons License I use, you may repost entire articles from this site, so long as a backlink is provided. That’s generous on my part. Don’t expect me to send my visitors or search engine traffic to read my article on your site instead of my own. I’m not that generous.
  6. Links in comments – Any links must be relevant.
  7. Link signatures are neither allowed nor necessary – include your URL in the comment form.
  8. Be civil. If you call me or any other commenter a fascist, a Nazi or a liar, I’m going to call you an ass. If you persist, I’m going to block you and delete your comments. This is not censorship. This is a private citizen refusing to pay for people to post negative comments about himself. Feel free to start your own blog and say anything you like.
  9. Do not post lengthy irrelevant rants. This is Tom Rants. If Joe, Bob or Dave wants to Rant, my suggestion would be that they start their own blogs. If you have a lengthy irrelevant rant that you think my readers would enjoy, you can always email it to me and I’ll give all due consideration to publishing it.
  10. Use common sense and the Golden Rule. If you wouldn’t want me to post something similar on a site you own, don’t post it on mine.
  11. Keep it clean. This isn’t kindergarten level. Controversy and mature topics are fine within reason. Just keep the writing such that if your properly raised teenage daughter read it, you’d be okay with it..

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