Agenda for America – Biodiesel and ethanol

Agenda for America: Chapter 1

Expand Use of Ethanol and Biodiesel – President Bush will work to secure passage of a renewable fuel standard requiring five billion gallons of ethanol or biodiesel in motor fuels by 2012.

Couple of quick comments:

1 – This won’t eliminate the need for oil and it doesn’t need to. By reducing the need, it will lower oil costs, help stabilize supplies and help the environment.

2 – Environment. Ethanol produces less ground level ozone – smog – which is why it is used as an additive in gasoline. Both sources will reduce net CO2 because the plants that provide the fuel take more CO2 out of the air than burning the fuel produces.

3 – Money for Missouri farmers. Given the choice between money for a Saudi or a Missouri farmer, I’m going with the Missouri farmer (followed closely by the Texas oilman). Even with biodiesel and ethanol we will continue to use oild and to purchase oil from foreign sources, but these efforts limit our degree of dependence on any single source. For national security reasons alone decreasing that dependence is important.

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