And they said it wasn't a slippery slope

First, it was cruel and unusual to execute murderers if they were under 18 at the time. Then it was cruel and unusual to execute them if they were under 18 when they killed. Now, Amnesty International says it’s cruel to leave them behind bars where they can’t kill again.

US accused over young offenders

Children too young to vote or buy cigarettes should also be considered too young to spend the rest of their lives behind bars, Human Rights Watch Senior Researcher Alison Parker said in a statement.

Well, if things go well, before their lives are over they won’t be too young to vote or buy cigarettes.

How about this “Children too young to spend their lives behind bars ought not commit murder.”

Granted, I was sympathetic to the first two arguments and I’m even sympathetic to the idea that life without parole ought to be used sparingly against the young where mitigating circumstances and a genuine chance of redemption exist (and I wouldn’t necessarily draw that line at 18). But anyone who thinks this is it for Amnesty has a screw loose. These folks want nothing less than to empty the jails. Probably to make room for those they consider the real criminals like corporate executives, stockholders and Republicans.

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