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Tom Rants Default And you thought getting fired for blogging was bad?

And you thought getting fired for blogging was bad?

Crionas got a letter earlier this month from LifeLink, a Tampa nonprofit that links patients and donors, telling him his request for surgery was rejected because Crionas had a Web site seeking a donor.

And you thought the Queen of Sky had it rough? This guy is refused lifesaving medical treatment because he has a website. This is why nonprice rationing of health care is a bad idea. This, political rationing, is the number one reason socialized medicine is a horrible, awful, un-American idea whether you call it universal care or national healthcare or Hillarycare. This case also illustrates once again the need to simply create an honest market-based system for rationing organs instead of this ridiculous committee system where egghead “ethicists” in ivory towers get to decide whether someone will live or die based on whether they have a website. These guys claiming to be “ethicists” is like Ward Churchill claiming to be a patriot.

End rant.

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