At least one Jim from Georgia has his mind right

Got My Mind Right !!! exposes the fundamental flaw in Jimmy Carter’s latest pet project, the liberal contention that:

if we destroy Guantanamo Prison, there won’t be any fake stories about Koran desecration. Muslims will love us again and stop creating criminals aka Terrorists who kill — Americans.

Jim hit the nail on the head. Liberals can’t see the forest for the trees, that the problem with Guantanomo’s reputation is not caused by what actually happens there, but by the lies they themselves tell about it. If we close Guantanomo Bay Newsweek and friends will find something else to lie about to get radicals around the world worked up. Of course, the radicals are pretty good at working themselves up absent any help from the US, liberal or otherwise.

(And by the way, doesn’t the rhetoric referring to “shutting down Guantanom Bay” sound suspiciously like they actually want to use this as an excuse to close the whole base and give it back to Castro? As though the only way to purge America’s reputation in the Arab World is to completely shut down any affiliation with this important base?)

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