At least they're consistently anti-life

PETA’s Puppy Killers May Face Additional Charges

A Hampton Roads, Virginia television station is reporting that “North Carolina officials may consider more charges” against two People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) employees who currently face 31 counts each of felony animal cruelty.

Well, one thing you have to say for PETA is at least they are consistent. Whether it’s aged or infirm humans or unwanted dogs and cats their solution is the same. These people share a philosophy, or a lack of a philosophy, with those groups that push the extremes of being not just pro-choice but actively pro-abortion, promote partial birth abortion and have taken the reasonable case for a right to end your life with dignity to the extreme of engaging healers to perform euthanasia with or without consent. Actually, they’re probably involved in those causes, too. That they are cruel to the animals they claim to be protecting just exposes the fact that their real agenda is nothing more than a complete breakdown of any morality. The sad thing is that so many basically right minded people are hoodwinked by these people’s rhetoric whether it’s through PETA, the Hemlock Society or the leftist leaders of the Democratic Party.

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