Because suicide bombers are the best way to motivate electricians

Hamas expected to gain in Palestinian municipal elections
One Palestinian voter from a “Fatah stronghold” decided to vote for terrorist group Hamas…

Fed up with the lack of electricity and water at home and with unpaved, one-lane roads unable to accommodate traffic in this growing Fatah stronghold 11 miles northeast of Ramallah, Hussein said she wanted someone who could get the job done.

If this is an example of mainstream Palestinian thinking, they are in for problems. You can’t motivate electricians, roadcrews, construction workers, etc. by suicide bombing.

On the other hand, the choices are between Fatah and its Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade and Hamas which is just a little less subtle about it’s use of terrorism. Perhaps she’s thinking that Fatah wants a truce and can’t “get it done” while Hamas wants to break the truce and seems quite capable of doing so. Or maybe what she really means is that both of them want to push Israel into the sea and Hamas seems better at getting that done.

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