Bias Against Israel

The Eclectic Econoclast points to a piece by Newt Gingrich in Middle East Quarterly. There’s a great quote on how deep the anti-Israeli feelings run:

The bias against Israel is now so decisive that no one even asks why Israel has killed Hamas leaders who would be alive today if Arafat had kept his word and locked them up.

Blame Israel for acting in self-defense against people that they shouldn’t have been having to deal with anyway.

Newt also suggests that it would be best to leave diplomacy aside for the moment and work on two separate tracks of defending Israel and working to improve the lives of Palestinians. Great idea, but when the Palestinian leadership is so thoroughly committed to socialism and terrorism, the life of the average Palestinian isn’t going to improve without some serious changes in the leadership. Unfortunately democracy doesn’t always (or even usually?) equate to freedom and the Palestinians have essentially elected themselves a set of tyrants.

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