Tom Rants Default Bill Clinton looks conservative

Bill Clinton looks conservative

Bill Clinton is looking conservative compared to the current House and Senate Democrats, including his wife, as evidenced by the CAFTA voting that Kevin Whited discusses in these two posts:

PubliusTX – A Pro-Trade Party No Longer

I noted several days ago that every potential 2008 Democratic presidential contender in the Senate voted no on the agreement. Add Rep. Pelosi in the House to the leadership of a party that has abandoned former President Clinton’s stance on trade.

Dem Presidential Contenders Reject Trade Agreement

Abrams misses or ignores a telling fact about the Senate vote: Every Democratic Senator who might possibly consider a presidential run in 2008 voted against the agreement. Evan Bayh? No. Joe Biden? No. Hillary Clinton? No. John Kerry? No. Joe Lieberman? No.

The prospect of Hillary Clinton or one of these other nuts as President is almost bad enough to make me want to repeal the 22nd Amendment…so the Bush’s adopted son Bill could run again.

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