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’74-year-old Dorothy Sahadi, accused Vice President Dick Cheney of engineering an ”invasion” of Iraq to benefit Halliburton, the energy giant he once headed, then said of Cheney and Iraqis: ”How many has he murdered? He has murdered women, children, babies for nothing, just for the money in his pocket.”‘

Sahadi? Hmmm…no bone to pick, I’m sure.

Anyway, Dick Cheney has murdered women, children, babies….He has? I assume she’s referring to the war in Iraq. So, let’s see. Cheney is the Vice-president with almost no real power. The Commander-in-Chief is George Bush. No women, children or babies have been murdered. Doubtless some have died, but the coalition forces have worked harder to avoid civilian casualties than any military force in history. For money in his pocket? Cheney no longer works for Haliburton and hasn’t for 4 years. Where do these people get the idea that, even assuming this is all about money for Halliburton, that Cheney somehow benefits personally?

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