– National News: Kerry says U.S. needs spy czar – National News: Kerry says U.S. needs spy czar
Sen. John F. Kerry [related, bio] yesterday called for an overhaul of U.S. intelligence services, including the creation of a Cabinet-level spy czar, but rejected creation of a domestic intelligence agency as his running mate had proposed.

Damn. I almost did an online version of an open mouth insert foot on this one, but on a lucky piece of intuition I looked it up. Apparently the Director of Central Intelligence isn’t a Cabinet level post. And, in fact, doesn’t list the National Security Advisor as Cabinet rank, unlike such notables as the OMB director, the US Trade Representative, the head of the EPA and the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Certainly seems like a matter of semantics, given that Bush gets daily intelligence briefings while I doubt that he takes daily briefings from the EPA or even the drug czar and I imagine he talks more to Condoleeza Rice than to Joshua Bolten.

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