Brief commercial interruption: Hire Me!

You may have noted the “Hire Me” link to your left (or right on Internet Explorer). For the next week or so, I will be totally unemployed while my real estate license is in transit to Jefferson City and back. After that, I will likely be limiting my real estate activities to clients I choose and more consulting than sales. So, I am, in fact, looking for work. Temporary or “permanent”, salary or hourly, independent contractor or employee status, will relocate if the situation is right, will consider any industry. I would very much enjoy a job working for a political campaign in any capacity, but I know those are scarce in an off year. Other than that, I would prefer something challenging, but basically as we say in real estate “everything is negotiable.”

If you know of anything let me know via comment or any of the methods in my Contact Form or pass along this URL.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled Ranting.

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