Tom Rants Default Capitalism – Sustainable Agriculture's Best Friend

Capitalism – Sustainable Agriculture's Best Friend

As I noted with the Greywater Guerillas, the Hawaiian mass transit situation and the ongoing efforts to close down the Renewable Environmental Solutions plant in Carthage, Missouri, it’s often government, not business, that is the cause of much environmental mischief. Here’s the latest example. The town council of Elkins, Arkansas was considering an ordinance to ban organic fertilizer until farmers protested that it would hurt their bottom line.

Lloyd Stith, a farmer in Elkins, told the council that it would be a bad idea to pass a law that would prohibit him and his farming colleagues from using animal litter as a fertilizer.

“ It smells bad to us, too, ” he said. “ When you start fooling with somebody’s livelihood, it gets pretty exciting pretty fast. ”

So, in this case of sustainable, organic agriculture versus unsustainable chemical agriculture, it was government to blame and profit riding to the rescue.

Spotted at Arkanssouri where John had an interesting and humorous take on it.


Elkins drops proposed ban on fertilizer

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