cheap cigarettes, live goats and Egyptian tourists

Apparently what “occupation” and “oppression” mean for Palestinians is that cigarettes are expensive, they can’t import live goats and there aren’t enough Egyptian tourists. Okay, I can at least see the point with the goats.

The Egypt-Gaza border was open for business: cheap cigarettes, live goats and Egyptian tourists flooded into the Gaza Strip, and many Gazans rushed to Egyptian seaside resorts.

But don’t get too excited about those goats and cigarettes. This “chaos” will only be tolerated for today, then it’s all over. Think you saw oppression with the Israeli’s in charge? Wait until the Mahmoud Abbas tour rolls into town. The Israelis, for all the criticism they received, are one of three countries I can think of that allow terrorists aiming to kill them access to their courts and don’t just automatically arrest their apologists. Abbas or Hamas, either way, I don’t see them giving much leeway to genuine opposition unless that opposition is armed and prepared to fight.

Developments in Israel’s Gaza Withdrawal – Los Angeles Times

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas tells his people he will take immediate steps to impose order. “We have one law for everyone and no one is above the law. We are not going to tolerate chaos after today,” he says.

[Emphasis mine]

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