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Yes, Virginia, there is a St. Valentine.

Tom Rants Default Church Wars Episode 5: The Inquisition Strikes Back

Church Wars Episode 5: The Inquisition Strikes Back

A Dominican and Prefect of the Holy Office Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith elevated to the Papacy. Almost feels like this should be set to music by John Williams.

More seriously, this seems like it was the obvious choice comparable to the eldest Senator being President Pro Tem.

It’s also the understandable reaction of 115 conservative old priests when told by American leftists that the Catholic Church must compromise on everything from abortion to gay marriage to women in the priesthood. I’m neither old, nor a priest nor particularly conservative on religious issues but I find the idea that God must compromise with sinners on the issue of sin (especially in the context of the Christian belief that He has already compromised by sending His Son to die for our sins) pretty presumptuous and the reaction quite reasonable. The leftist position is that it’s just not good enough for God to forgive sin, He shouldn’t call it sin in the first place. Good to see that at least those old men didn’t fall for that.

Introduction to Christianity

Kevin at Wizbang wants to make sure that we all know that Joseph Ratzinger not John Ratzenberger (Cliff Claven) is Pope Benedict XVI.

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