Close them all – Panel to vote this week on fate of several bases

Here’s an idea. Close them all and then lease what’s needed. Since states are complaining about the closing of National Guard bases, turn the federal bases over to the states if they want them.

For that matter why not outsource the actual soldiering, too? I bet we could hire (Asian) Indians to soldier for us for $6 or $7 an hour, we’d have no more Cindy Sheehans and stronger ties with India. Of course, I’d also throw in citizenship at the end of their tour of duty on top of the $7/hour, but that’s because I want to see more English speaking, highly educated immigrants who understand democratic values.

I bet we could cut the defense budget by at least 25% with some good outsourcing. Of course, Frist, Reid and Company could find a place to spend it even quicker.

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