Tom Rants Default Club for Growth urges veto

Club for Growth urges veto

The Club For Growth and five other organizations have sent a letter to President Bush urging him to veto the highway bill.

On behalf of our members, the undersigned groups urge you to veto H.R. 3, the “Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users� (TEA-LU). Despite your stated position on the issue, Congress used budget gimmicks to break the $283.9 billion ceiling you set by approximately $11 billion. Your veto will send the message that Congress must rein in its profligate spending habits and send you a fiscally responsible transportation bill.

There is some debate as to whether the allocation of approximately $8 billion for the use of state and local governments which they are supposed to pay back to the Treasury before the bills expiration is “financial flexibility” or fiscal irresponsibility. So far the administration has come down on the side of giving Congress the benefit of the doubt. Much as I hate to see Senator Bond’s work earn the first veto, the issue does deserve close consideration.

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