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Tom Rants Default Cosby Has Harsh Words for Black Community?

Cosby Has Harsh Words for Black Community?

Yahoo! News – Cosby Has Harsh Words for Black Community
Bill Cosby (news) went off on another tirade against the black community Thursday, telling a room full of activists that black children are running around not knowing how to read or write and “going nowhere.”
Cosby had harsh words for the “black community”? Well, in part, yes, but I think what really happened here was an old man with harsh words for a generation of kids, white and black, who refuse to learn. Here is an entire generation that has been handed the world on a platinum platter and refuses to learn anything of value, refuses to even attempt to speak properly. It’s not merely black teens who flaunt their stupidity as a badge of honor. White kids also seem to think that stupidity is hip, to a degree way beyond the occasional geek bashing of my high school days.

Now I understand that Cosby is especially incensed that after the real struggles of blacks of his generation in the Civil Rights movement have taken this nation so far that black kids aren’t working harder. So many barriers to black achievement are gone and his generation worked so hard to achieve that for the upcoming generation that their laziness, with black male dropout rates approaching 50%, is a slap in the face. On the other hand, all that dropout rate really says is that a higher percentage of white kids are warming seats long enough to get a basically meaningless piece of paper and still not having any better grasp of their language. White men of Cosby’s age or a little older who won World War II and held the line against Communism in Korea and Berlin cetainly have every reason to feel the same way he does. I’m not even “old” since, apparently, 40 is the new 30 and I can’t imagine ever wanting my life to be in the hands of most of the white teens I meet.

I’m not criticizing the “Mom and Dad this isn’t for you” code speak of foshizzles and nizzles (which is also by no means a strictly “black” thing) and I doubt Cosby was either. Frankly, the kids who can master that can master standard English and most of them, at least secretly, have. No, this is a matter of kids who simply don’t grasp the lanuage, don’t grasp math, don’t grasp science. The piss poor schools certainly have something to do with it, but in the past education was largely a matter of personal responsibility. When the schools worked, it was not so much because the schools were better as it was because the students, white or black, knew that education was their ticket to a better life and stupidity was their ticket to poverty and/or prison.

Anyway, white or black, parents and students owe the Coz a debt of gratitude for calling this one right. It all starts with being able to speak, read and write coherently. If you can’t do that, you might as well go get fitted for the orange jumpsuit.

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