Defeat Dianne Feinstein

If you live in California, I urge you to vote against McCain-Feingold sponsor Dianne Feinstein in November. If you do not want to vote for Republican Dick Mountjoy, fine. If you are an honest, thoughtful liberal Green Party Candidate Todd Chretien would be a much better choice to represent your views. Feinstein vies for the title of “Best Able to Talk Out Both Sides of Her Mouth” with just three or four other Senators. At the time I wrote this, I could find no information on the Libertarian nominee including his name. The Libertarian nominee is Michael Metti. If you’re antiwar, but also opposed to big government generally he’d be a better choice than Feinstein or Chretien.

Feinstein supported the Iraq War resolution, viewing the same intelligence available to the President, and now takes the disingenuous position that she was misled into supporting the war. Meanwhile this supporter of “taking the money out of politics” by abolishing free speech, is reportedly making millions of dollars from Iraq and Afghanistan war contracts through her billionaire husband’s firm, Perini Corporation.

Feinstein’s anti-civil liberties record doesn’t stop with her support for abolishing free speech. She was the original Democratic cosponsor of the USA Patriot Act and teamed with Missouri Senator Jim Talent to pass the Combat Meth Act which, among other provisions, ” restricts the sale of cold products containing the chemicals necessary to cook meth by limiting how much one person can buy to 9 grams a month and 3.6 grams in a single day.” (For reference, the 20 pack box of extended release pseudoephedrine caplets sitting in front of me and allowing me to breathe as I write this contains 2.4 grams of “chemicals necessary to cook meth”.) The act also authorizes $99 million in federal law enforcement spending not authorized by the Constitution at a time when the budget deficit is over $200 billion. $99 million here and $99 million there and pretty soon you’ve got a billion, then eventually you’re talking real money. And it doesn’t stop there. Though she reportedly had a concealed carry permit herself, she has trampled Second Amendment rights. That one set of rules should apply to the elite and another to the rest of us is one of perhaps two consistent positions of her career.

A vote against Dianne Feinstein is perhaps the single most important thing a California resident can do this year to help restore real integrity to government.

Feinstein,MF Violation

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