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Tom Rants Default Democrat Juggernaut breaking up

Democrat Juggernaut breaking up


After McCain’s speech, journalists eager to pry a quote or two from the reluctant media star [Michael Moore] followed him into the press area, where the ungainly entourage prevented other journalists from, you know, working. One bureau chief complained, prompting Moore to call her a “rude bitch.” And the liberal media conspiracy had been going so well!

Dissension in the ranks is spreading. Zell Miller, Ron Silver, even Ed Koch speaking at the Republican National Convention. Granted the Democrats did get Ronald Reagan’s liberal son to speak at their convention, but his speech on stem cell research, an issue that is decidedly not partisan, came far short of the kinds of endorsements George Bush is getting from former yellow dog Democrats. There is still a hardcore of misinformed, cranky liberals who have such a personal hatred for Bush that they won’t even allow themselves to hear the truth about the man. Given their constant hate speech, even to the point of willingly admitting they hate the man, it’s pretty clear who is uniting the country and who is dividing it. Isn’t it appropriate that they’re facing division in their own ranks.?

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