Tom Rants Default Democrats and Civil Liberties

Democrats and Civil Liberties

Pardon any minor errors, I am not pleased at the moment. This is a rant, not a policy paper.

This 100% Democrat run county has decided it has the power to make the drug pseudoephedrine prescription only, because as liberals they don’t have the gonads to just tell their own children not to make meth out of it. I’m fairly certain that’s an interference with interstate commerce far beyond the legitimate power of a county government. Considering that an hour after taking the “PE” version, I now can’t breathe through my nose at all it may also qualify as denying me life or at least liberty without due process ($10,000 for denying civil rights under color of law, last I checked). I’m considering which is cheaper – a trip to the emergency room for a prescription at several hundred dollars with insurance or a trip to federal court for injunctive relief. The latter would certainly be more satisfying and just as likely to offer relief given the general incompetence of the medical profession that we pay so highly.

While there, I might also have to file something for the ridiculous city ordinance that requires all renters to submit to a background check by the city, regardless of the wishes of renter or landlord. Let’s talk interference with contract, regulatory taking, violating the privileges and immunities of a citizen (the right to take up residence anywhere in these United States being the main confirmed meaning of that phrase, even if it was in dicta).

Democrats and their utter disregard for civil liberties never fail to amaze.

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