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Tom Rants Default Democrats don't care if they hurt the poor

Democrats don't care if they hurt the poor

AP Wire | 12/13/2004 | Ohio counties dealing differently with Kerry recount requests

Griffith expressed frustration with the continuing requests for examination of the Nov. 2 election results.

“This thing is really a big pain. We’re a poor county, and we don’t have the money to pay for this. It’s not fair,” Griffith said.

And the Democrats don’t care. Their policies often hurt the poor far more than the rich.

Their antilogging policies hurt lumberjacks and small businesses; they don’t hurt large companies that own millions of acres of timber like Georgia-Pacific or International Paper.

Their anti-drilling policies disproportionately hurt people in poor rural areas. To clarify, I blame environmental policies and stalling on a national energy policy that includes conservation for the current high gas prices. See comments for more. Just as a personal example, with gas at or near $2/gallon, my wife and I spend as much each month on gasoline as we do on our house payment. Rich urbanite liberals in areas where mass transit is at least technically reasonable aren’t in the same situation. I’m not complaining personally (not right now anyway) because we personally can afford it, but it’s an indication of how Democrat policies that cause artificially high prices hurt people in poor areas.

What people just don’t get is that Democrats, at least the current leadership from Dick Gephardt to Terry McAuliffe to Pat Leahy and Robert KKK Byrd, are not the party of the little guy or the middle class. They are the party of centralized power and tax-free bondholders. Like every other conservative, I’m hoping for a Howard Dean Democratic Party, but unlike the rest it’s because I’d like to see our opposition move towards having a soul again.

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