Did somebody order some blueprints?

The hand of The Architect appears to be at work. After Missouri’s August gubernatorial and Congressional primaries, I noted that Missouri has been the perennial “swing state” for 60 years and that things weren’t looking good:

One thing is certain, with roughly 10% more voters turning out as Republicans in a light primary vote, the election is not a done deal for The One. Still, with only 2/3 as many Republicans turning out for a hotly contested race as turned out for the 2004 non-event, there’s obviously a real apathy in the Republican base that’s going to present a serious challenge for John McCain and one that McCain’s pathetic Missouri campaign is doing nothing to rectify.

In 2000 and 2004, the Rove 72-hour plan shipped volunteers into Missouri by the busload from solid blue states to get out the vote. Someone at the McCain campaign seems to have ordered some new blueprints. John McCain and Sarah Palin were in the St. Louis area last week and will be in Lee’s Summit (Kansas City area) this morning. Palin has Missouri’s gun owners, taxpayers, small town residents and grandmothers fired up and it looks like the campaign plans to keep it that way.

Rove had a particular understanding of Missouri down to the county level, remarking at one point during the 2004 returns when Kerry was up in Missouri it wasn’t a done deal until Newton and Jasper counties came in. Things were looking very down. In these counties where the “evangelicals” really do determine things, some big Charismatic churches were more excited about Ron Paul than John McCain. The Palin choice has turned things around dramatically here. That proves John McCain’s judgment doubly – this area is a microcosm of flyover America and the Republican margin has determined Missouri’s results in the last two elections. And if Missouri had gone the other way, Florida and Ohio wouldn’t have been worth a hanging chad.

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