Didn't medical researchers also tell us…

Fetus May Not Feel Pain Until Third Trimester, Study Finds

The human fetus is probably too immature to feel pain in the first 28 weeks of pregnancy and wouldn’t benefit from anesthesia during abortions, researchers said in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Now didn’t medical types also tell us that starving to death was a painless and dignified death a few months ago, only to have us find out recently that it isn’t from someone who tried that route?

I feel disappointed in myself. I really wanted to die and that seemed to be my only option. I regret that I have to stop what I am doing because I still want to die. But starvation, as it turns out, is very undignified.

And isn’t it just a bit gruesome that they did this study in order to determine if babys ought to be anesthetized before being aborted? Huh? If they are really parasites in a woman’s body with no rights and no moral standing, why bother? I wouldn’t anesthetize a burglar before I shot him. The whole idea of anesthetizing them kind of blows the whole “clump of cells…my body, my choice” thing, doesn’t it? Why would you care to anesthetize something that wasn’t human?

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