Down on the Chocolate Plantation

Mark your calendars, I’m about to defend the Evil One. So Hillary Clinton thinks the House of Representatives is run like a plantation? Before we argue about that, maybe we should ask Roy Blunt – the Majority Whip. Of course, it’s run like a plantation. She did fail to note that there are Whips on the Democratic side, too, and that the plantation system of government is nothing new, but that’s good effective partisan rhetoric – nothing to be ashamed of and something Republicans might want to try a bit more often. The next time some Democrat asks if we’re questioning their patriotism “we need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any” politician.

Now, the “And you know what I’m talking about” line, that sounded kind of like an afterthought, wasn’t too bright. Said to a crowd in Harlem in a black church it was a bit presumptuous, condescending and…well…just stupid. Stupid? Yes, stupid. Why on earth would a crowd in Harlem in 2006 “know what [she’s ]talking about.” Oh, I suppose in the broader sense that we all know what she’s talking about, but she made like it was some inside thing known best to the black crowd and the wife of the “first black President.” Come on. Few, if any, of those people ever lived on a plantation, let alone the type she was implying – a slave plantation. Harlem has never been known for its plantations and any slave alive today and old enough to know what she’s talking about would have to be, in my computation, about 155 years old. I guess for its stupidity, the remark probably does rank at about the same level as trying to make an old man feel good by saying he’d have made a good President even if he was a vicious racist. But damn, without politicians saying stupid things, who would we have to run the government, bureaucrats without the creativity to even say stupid things?

Speaking of which, the city of New Orleans appears to be fortunate in this regard…I always thought New Orleans wasn’t so much of a chocolate as a cafe au lait (with a beignet). Of course, some mornings, it’s a mimosa…but I digress. Unlike, say, Kansas City or St. Louis, the folks in New Orleans at least pretend to like the people that visit who aren’t “chocolate”. It was the city where at least we pretend to all get along. And really, isn’t Ray Nagin more of a smoky caramel himself? Still, when he clarified that he’d like a nice milk chocolate it sounded like a tasty way to build a city even if the Polymeal does call for dark chocolate. But does this mean that King Cake is going to be replaced by German Chocolate?

Ann Coulter thinks Mayor Nagin can lead us all off the chocolate plantation and perhaps she’s right…like I said, it’s nice to have some politicians unscripted enough to say some entertaining things once in a while.

Now that Zell Miller is out of office, the only office-holding Democrat I like anymore is Ray Nagin, mayor of New Orleans. I had never heard of him until Hurricane Katrina, but after his “gaffe” this week, he’s my favorite Democrat. I like a politician who casually spouts off insanely politically incorrect remarks in front of large audiences and TV cameras.

Nagin cheerfully told a crowd gathered for a Martin Luther King Day celebration that New Orleans would soon be “Chocolate City” again. I don’t know who’s supposed to be offended by that. I’m not. Perhaps all the white mayors who know they couldn’t have said it. True, life’s unfair. Oh well.

When it comes to choice-of-word crimes, I’d prefer detente to mutually assured destruction. Lead us off the chocolate plantation, Mayor Nagin!

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