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Environmentalists Oppose Mass Transit in Hawaii

Environmentalists in Hawaii are showing their true colors as advocates of a return to the stone age. A new “superferry” which promises a more efficient alternative to island hopping jet service and small boats (the oceangoing equivalent of commuting by passenger car) was blocked from docking by protesters Sunday evening on its maiden voyage. Of course, the envirolawyers are in on the act as well:

Hawaii Supreme Court ruled last week that the state should have required an environmental report and ferry opponents said they would go to a Maui court today to stop the service…
Three environmental groups have sued, concerned that the vessel could collide with humpback whales, spread invasive species and create long traffic delays.

The environmentalists’ attorney, Isaac Hall, said he would seek an injunction today to prevent the Superferry from doing business until environmental studies are completed. Environmental reviews are typically required of projects that use state money and land, such as harbors, and they can take months or years to complete.

This must be some horrible polluting monster, right? Probably powered by nuclear engines that dump radioactive wastewater in the whale breeding grounds, right? Not exactly:

Environmental Features

Hawaii Superferry is committed to serving Hawai‘i as an environmentally friendly seagoing operator and is mindful of its responsibility to all ocean life and each island’s unique ecosystem. The vessel’s design incorporates the latest in environmentally responsible maritime technology.

The ferry’s waterjet propulsion system has no exposed propellers, thus vastly increasing protection for marine mammals such as whales and Hawaiian seals.

The ferry will not discharge wastewater or any trash or other solid waste – these will all be carefully disposed of while the ship is docked in Honolulu. The hull features a unique non-toxic, specially slick paint that will keep unwanted aquatic hitchhikers from traveling across Hawai‘i’s waters. Unlike conventional ships, the catamaran design does not require ballast tanks in which invasive species can catch a ride between our Islands.

Once again the left is proving that industry, like Republican politicians, is damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t.

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