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Tom Rants Default Envirowhackos, Socialists and the Left Wing Crackup

Envirowhackos, Socialists and the Left Wing Crackup

Democrats in Congress spar with their own supporters over whether to stop supporting the mission in Iraq today or next year. Envirowhackos stall a $12 billion mine development in Australia to save a 4 millimeter bug. Leftist poster boy Fidel Castro is opposing biofuels because they’ll take food out of the mouths of people in developing countries. The inevitable crackup of trying to run things through the politics of pull?

In Australia, a mine project has been stalled because “new” species of a 4-millimeter long relative of spiders that only dwells deep underground has been found on the site. Apparently the bureaucrats haven’t considered that perhaps this critter, whose value eludes me anyway, is only “new” because we don’t see most of what goes on deep underground.

It’s not necessarily that it’s the only spot that they’re found, it’s that it’s the first time anybody’s looked.

We’re going to hold up probably every major mining project as we identify new species of underground, troglobite fauna … nearly every project is at risk….

There’s a very high probability that they’ll find more of the species in surrounding regions. You might find in a 1000 square kilometre these things are prolific.

Meanwhile, Fidel Castro comes off his deathbed to pen a missive denouncing the US plans to increase use of ethanol as fuel, which he calls “the sinister idea of converting food into fuel.” I think what he really finds sinister is that, as long as he’s in power, the US won’t be using Cuban sugar to make that fuel and the idea that it might reduce demand for the oil wealth that Cuba is starting to develop. (Never mind that they’re developing it in international waters off the coast of Cuba where US companies are prohibited from drilling due to environmental policies supported by both Republicans and Democrats from Florida.). On the other hand, at least Castro is recognizing the basic reality of scarce resources, something few US socialists and almost no environmentalists recognize.


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