Etymologic: the toughest etymology (word origin) game on the Web

Etymologic: the toughest etymology (word origin) game on the Web

In this etymology game you’ll be presented with 10 randomly selected etymology (word origin) or word definition puzzles to solve; in each case the word or phrase is highlighted in bold, and a number of possible answers will be presented. You need to choose the correct answer to score a point for that question. Beware! The false answers will often also seem quite plausible, and some of the true answers are hard to believe, but we have documentation!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the word etymology comes from the Greek word ‘etymos’, which means real, or true, and the -ology ending indicates that it’s the study of, or science of. Put them together and you get the study or science of the real or true. Impressive, eh?

This game led to my finding out that the politically correct crap about the phrase “rule of thumb” referring to legal wife beating is bunk.

The real explanation of ‘rule-of-thumb’ is that is derives from wood
workers (or other constructors) who knew their trade so well they rarely
or never fell back on the use of such things as rulers. Instead they’d
measure things by, for example, the length of their thumb; they measured,
not by a rule(r) of wood, but by rule of thumb. The term was already in
metaphorical use by the late 17th century.

So, not only do Words Matter, but Word Games Matter, too.

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