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Europe's Double Standard

The leaders of Old Europe have a message for Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales: Socialism is okay for us, but not for you. Nationalized industry? Just fine for white folks in Britain, Germany and France, but you brown folks better just forget it and tow the line. Of course the rehashed Marxism of Chavez and Morales is wrong. So is the old hash in Europe. The self-avowed socialist leaders of stagnant Europe criticizing Latin American leaders for trying to pull their countries out of the doldrums by emulating the Europeans own failed policies is grotesque.

The two leaders, both advocates of close national control of their enormous oil and gas resources, were the most controversial of the representatives of 58 Latin American and European nations attending today’s meeting, where the EU sought reassurances about Señor Morales’s intention to re-nationalise the Bolivian oil and gas industry and Señor Chavez’s opposition to market reforms…

The combative tone of Señores Chavez and Morales drew delicate rebukes from EU leaders, who had hoped to use the summit to enhance the rapid growth of trade with Latin America.

Morales and Chávez face EU showdown in Vienna – World – Times Online

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