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Tom Rants Default Expected to do his job…sickening and unprecedented

Expected to do his job…sickening and unprecedented

It’s just sickening to be expected to do one’s job…at least if you happen to be a federal prosecutor. And being called by the folks who authorize your paycheck and asked when results might be expected? “Unprecedented.”

A fired federal prosecutor told a Senate committee Tuesday that he felt “leaned on” and sickened as Republican Sen. Pete Domenici hung up on him in disgust last fall when told that indictments in a corruption case against Democrats would not be issued before the fall elections.

“He said, ‘Are these going to be filed before November?’ ” former federal prosecutor David Iglesias, one of eight U.S. attorneys summarily fired in recent months, told the panel. “I said I didn’t think so. And to which he replied, ‘I’m very sorry to hear that.’ And then the line went dead.”…

“I felt leaned on. I felt pressured to get these matters moving,” Iglesias testified.

Asked by Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-New York, whether such a call was unusual in Iglesias’ experience, the former prosecutor answered, “Unprecedented.”

Apparently being a US Attorney is even more of a plum job than it appeared on the surface. In addition to all the perks we knew about, these folks are apparently supposed to be above criticism and immune from a call from the boss asking when the the job will be done. Expected to do their job? Sickening. Actually called and asked when they will do their job? Unprecedented. Having a job where you don’t have to actually perform or meet deadlines? Priceless. There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s always the federal budget.

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