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Tom Rants Default Fiscal Conservative's Star Rises in Senate Bid (

Fiscal Conservative's Star Rises in Senate Bid (

Fiscal Conservative’s Star Rises in Senate Bid (
“How can a free nation survive when a majority of its citizens, now dependent on government services, no longer have the incentive to restrain the growth of government?” he asked during a Heritage Foundation lecture in 2001. His prescription? “We must have a new tax code that allows all voters to see and feel the cost of government,” he counseled. “Using the tax code to help low-income workers only disconnects them from the responsibilities of freedom.”

DeMint said he is not really calling for raising taxes on the poor. He has suggested replacing the federal income tax with a national sales tax that all consumers would feel, then refunding part of the sales tax payments to help those in poverty. At least the poor “would still see the cost of government,” he said.

The Club for Growth has put half a million bucks into this guys campaign. He has some interesting ideas and would really be an interesting voice in the Senate. He’s also in favor of a serious step towards privatizing a big chunk of Socialist Security and very pro-trade.

Interesting read and fairly complimentary for the Washington Post. (The writer actually took a bigger poke, I thought, at his fellow reporters for not taking the time to understand DeMint’s intellectual arguments beyond the sound bite than he did at DeMint.) At least the article doesn’t challenge the idea that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

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