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‘”The notion here that we can somehow deal with this in the normal routines of business ought to be dispensed with,” added Daalder, a former senior official at the National Security Council (search) during the Clinton administration and a foreign-policy adviser to former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean. “This is something that requires drastic action.”

Although the Bush administration has offered few specifics on how far it will take its quest for accountability, it has shown little inclination to go after top Pentagon brass like Rumsfeld and Myers.’

The investigation into the abuses started in January and the arrests were made in March. The media are treating this as though CBS found a story that surprised the Pentagon when what they actually reported on was old news and a situation the Pentagon was already dealing with. This is comparable to finding a photo of Michael Jackson doing something he shouldn’t with a young boy and then blaming the prosecutor who’s already secured an indictment against him.

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