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“The United Nations has praised North Korea’s speedy acceptance of international help following last week’s train explosion, amid hope that the disaster could lead to greater openness by the secretive communist state.

North Korea’s reaction to last Thursday’s blast that killed at least 154 people, half of them children, is viewed as a test of the isolated country’s willingness to engage with the outside world.”

Doesn’t it seem odd to praise someone for accepting help? Accepting someone else’s help is now an act of heroism. Does the UN praise the United States for offering help to an avowed enemy, a state sponsor of terrorism? No, the praise is given to the terrorist state for accepting a handout. Now, I am not criticizing the North Koreans for accepting the help, I just don’t see it as being the stuff of which headlines and speeches of praise ought to be made.

Poor safety procedures, overcrowding and lack of resource in this socialist state all made this tragedy worse than it would have been in a free society, just as socialism caused the ongoing food shortages in North Korea. Is it really a praiseworty act of heroism to allow the world to clean up a mess largely of their own creation?

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