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Fuzzy math and birth certificates

I want to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate, too.

No, I don’t doubt that he is a natural born citizen. I just think he’s suffering from Algore Syndrome. Fuzzy math. Or more likely from a really screwed up sense of what constitutes “despicable” behavior.

The Weather Underground bombed the US Capitol building in 1971.

They bombed the Pentagon in 1972.

They bombed the Harry S Truman building in 1975.

According to his official bio, Barack Obama was born in August of 1961.

That would mean that he was 8 years old in 1969.

10 years old in March of 1971.

11 years old in May of 1972.

13 years old in January of 1975.

The 1969 Weatherman action was the riot in Chicago during the trial of the Chicago Eight. Apparently that action, not the bombing of the Pentagon, Capitol Building and even the leftist State Department was the only despicable thing that Bill Ayers did. In Barack Obama’s view, challenging the corrupt Democratic Chicago political machine is despicable. Trying to blow up the Congress of the United States is not.

Either that or Barack Steve Obama of the 57 states is as bad at math as he is at history, geography and economics.

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