George Will nails it

In Democratic Party wagged by shrill tail George Will wonders what would be accomplished by the President meeting, for a second time, with Cindy Sheehan. He nails the reason Bush won’t meet with her and without resorting to name calling of his own, tempting and appropriate as it may be.

Since her first meeting with the president, she has called him a ”lying bastard,” ”filth spewer,” ”evil maniac,” ”fuehrer” and the world’s ”biggest terrorist” who is committing ”blatant genocide” and ”waging a nuclear war” in Iraq. Even leaving aside her not entirely persuasive contention that someone else concocted the obviously anti-Israel and inferentially anti-Semitic elements of one of her recent e-mails — elements of a sort nowadays often found woven into ferocious left-wing rhetoric — it is difficult to imagine how the dialogue would get going.

He: “Cream and sugar?”

She: “Yes, please, filth spewer.”

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