Governors Agree – It's a Bad Idea

The National Governor’s Association issued a statement opposing the bad idea of having the military automatically take charge in natural disasters. The statement was signed by the Republican chair, Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, and the Democrat vice-chair, Janet Napolitano of Arizona.

Huckabee says it is one thing for states to request federal assistance, but that having the military take charge of responses to disasters in the states would be treading on dangerous constitutional boundaries.

Texas Governor Rick Perry said it was best “for states and localities to take the lead in responding because they know their communities best.”

Like I wrote before, I hope that Bush was floating this as a trial balloon because he was serious about wanting to debate the idea and not because he wants federal troops running every tornado, earthquake, wildfire or mudslide cleanup. Fortunately the debate looks like it’s not heavily in favor of calling in the Army to police US citizens.

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