Graham and the Constitutional Option

Just caught Dealmaker Lindsey Graham on the Sean Hannity Show. He said that he expects the President to appoint a “solid conservative with a capital S” with Scalia as the model. Hannity asked him what if the Democrats filibuster that kind of nominee and he had this to say:

If they filibuster based on ideological attacks like they did with Pryor, Brown and Owen then we will have to change the rules and I will be there.

(I may be off by a word or two, I’ll try to research this later and correct if needed).

I wonder if that applies to a Chief Justice Scalia or (better) Thomas also.

Further thought: Were his participation in The Deal and his suggestion of raising the income cap on Social Security payroll taxes an attempt to be the Senate face of Bush’s (five year old and mostly unsuccessful) New Tone? Is this all an attempt to look “Senatorial” as a prelude to looking “Presidential”?

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