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Tom Rants Default Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday today to John Palmer, the mind behind EclectEcon. If you have not read his work yet, get on over there. There’s economics, of course, and plenty of “eclectic” – humor, pictures from his travels, commentary on student habits. Lately he’s been reviewing his trip to England, including Afternoon Tea (which, we learn, is not the same as “High Tea”) at a variety of venues and his walks across the English countryside, including up some pretty tall hills.

He’s the founder and chairman of the real PLO, the Philistine Liberation Organization, whose manifesto starts:

I have been subjected to the biases and special pleadings of the artsy culture vultures long enough. They sneer at anything which isn’t in their own mold (mould?) of avant-gardishness. They perpetuate stupid jokes by laughing at people who quite seriously say, “I may not know much about..______… but I know what I like.”

Brave of him to go behind enemy lines for Afternoon Tea!


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