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Tom Rants Default Haven't we been down this road before?

Haven't we been down this road before?

It seems to me that I remember a big row about German companies being shut out of contracts, followed by the US awarding contracts to German companies followed by the German companies leaving with their tails between their legs when the going got tough (meanwhile the evil KBR stayed and worked on rebuilding Iraq). Apparently the Germans are feeling some need to get in on the action again whether it’s for money or a desire to be on the Bush administration’s good side now that they know he has popular support at home.

Schroeder offers more German help to rebuild Iraq

Germany, a fierce critic of the war in Iraq, offered to provide more help for reconstruction, giving some welcome news to US Secretary of State Condoleeezza Rice on her fence-mending tour of Europe.

Pirates Cove
says Thanks but no thanks, to Germans jumping on the gravy train of Iraqi oil money and US taxpayer dollars.

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