Tom Rants Default Hillary wants command economy

Hillary wants command economy

The more Hillary opens her mouth, the more obvious it becomes that she does NOT represent four more years of the Bill Clinton era boom times, when government was relatively hands off and the economy was allowed to grow without massive increases in taxes and bureaucracy.

If Hillary is elected, that is no more. She apparently needs a history lesson, and a recent history lesson at that, to see the effects of command economies in Eastern Europe compared to her husband’s hands off approach. Because a command economy is apparently what she wants:

We need a president who is ready on Day 1 to be commander in chief of our economy.

Alan Greenspan said that Bill Clinton was one of the smartest President’s he worked with, that he understood the lessons the Maestro offered. Perhaps Hillary should consult with her husband on this one.

NY Times: Clinton Calls for $30 Billion for Home Mortgage Crisis.

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